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Extra Vortex Casing

Extra Vortex Casing

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A new casing by itself which you can swap with your current Vortex casing! For custom casings you'll be contacted through email when you reach the front of the line! If you have any questions You can contact me or message me at:


Here's a quick guide on what's possible for customization!

Saftey Warning

Always take note of your surroundings and clear the area around you before playing with your StoneOrbits products! Do not swing directly toward people or animals! Please practice in safe spaces and remember to be careful! Avoid going too fast as high-speed mistakes can be very painful and lead to injury. 

Warantee & Returns

All StoneOrbits Led products come with a "soft" warranty. All repairs are free, but in extreem cases if this repair policy is being abused, repairs will be at the expense of the owner of the product. This generally can cost between $10-$25 depending on the specific damage.

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