• Duo Orbit Light

    The tiniest rechargeable LED to ever exist, boasting 2 powerful LEDs and an array of features beyond measure. Combine it with your preferred flow toys and the latest Duo Stones and Duo Pebbles.

    Duo Products 
  • Vortex Orbits

    The most advanced technology available for orbiting. More features than ever while keeping ease of use as a priority. Pull it out, plug it in, again and again.

  • Merch

    Dīģŋo you love StoneOrbits products and want to show it? Check out our awesome and growing collection of gear to rep your favorite LED brand!

    Fresh Gear 
  • Vortex Gloves

    Featuring a fully-integrated-modular-system that is able to acheive what was never before possible in gloving. More LEDs, better effects, less batteries, more wows.

  • Accessories

    Do you love LEDs but don't know how to show it? Do you need more rainbows for your retinas? Do you want to take a little RGB wherever you go?

    Coming Soon! 
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was founded in 2015 by Shane Aronson in his college dorm. His love for LEDs continues to drive his product design today.

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