Vortex Editor

The Vortex Editor is a tool designed to give adanced control over Vortex devices.

Go to the Vortex Gloves

Connected Device List

  • Select a device from a list of connected ports.
  • Saving and Loading
  • Pull - load from device.
  • Push - save to device.
  • Select Mode and Manage Mode Slots
  • Add - a new single mode to the editor.
  • Del - the selected mode from the editor.
  • Copy - create a duplicate copy of the selected mode.
  • Up - move the selected mode up the mode list.
  • Down - move the selected mode down the mode list.
  • Select Leds
    • Select one or more leds to edit using ctrl or shift while clicking.
    Select Pattern and Colors
    • Changing the pattern or colors will affect all selected Leds.
    • Leff-click an existing color to change it.
    • Right-click to an existing color to delete it, leaving a blank color in that color slot.
    • Right-Click a color slot with a blank in it to remove that slot.
    • Left-click a blank slot to add a new color.
    Customize Patterns
    • Hover over the text field to see what paramater it controls.
    • Make original patterns by changing these values.
    Setup Instructions
    1. Download the latest update for the gloves and update them. (Tutorial)
    2. Download the latest Vortex Editor.
    3. Start up the editor.
    4. Plug in the glove and turn the glove on.
    5. From the glove enter the new Purple Menu. The Leds should turn solid grey when the editor is detected.
    6. The ports list in the editor should automatically refresh and the correct one should automatically be selected.
    7. Click Pull to load the save from the glove, or Add a new mode. From here on the glove will show changes in real-time.
    8. Click Push to save changes to the glove. Clicking the button on the gloves will reset the glove to step 6.
    Tip: If you get stuck, try clicking the button on the gloveset once, and/or try restarting the editor.

    Vortex Editor v1.0(beta)

    For PC

    Vortex Engine v1.0(Igneous beta)

    For Gloves

     Vortex Glove Emulator (beta)

    For PC


    Vortex Glove Emulator

    Feedback for new/existing Features:
    You can ask for anything and we will look into it, but not all requests will be possible or practical to implement.
    Feedback regarding Bugs:
    Bugs need to be reproducible without extraordinary steps. If the bug is not reproducible reliably but is still notable, please report it.