Use these resources to see if your custom artwork can work within the guidelines! 

Front Side Template
Back Side Template


        • Avoid very thin lines and tiny dots( see size guide on templates)
        • Avoid blends and gradients, only solid colors work
        • There's a 4 color limit for the artwork, black and white both count as colors
        • If needed, some artwork can be reduced to 4 or less colors 
 Good reference images Bad reference images

Colors are gradient not solid.
Image too highly-detailed.
Shading is not possible.

 If you are unsure, please feel free to ask! Some images are close to being good and can be edited or altered to be good candidates!

You can use up to 4 of these colors:

Red Dark-Red Orange Yellow Gold
Lime-Green Chalk-Blue Blue Ocean-Blue Dark-Blue
Purple Pink Clear White Black


Once the design and the colors have been decided, we select a color from the table below as the edge color(see image).

Red Orange Neon-Yellow Lime-Green
 Green Teal-Blue Blue Purple
Pink Clear White Black


That's it, once your casing has been designed you'll get a preview image of the 3D model and it will get in line for production!

Unfortunately, the custom artwork colors and the edge colors can not be switched, sorry!

Feel free to email or message any questions to me!