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The Vortex Gloves

The Vortex Gloves

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This is The Vortex Gloveset!

Edit: All glovesets now ship with the new and improved flat wires! More durable, comfortable, and sleeker than ever before!

Please allow for 1-2 weeks for your orders to be assembled and shipped! I assemble them by hand and I fulfill them in the order I receive them in my shop! Thank you so much for your patience as I build your order as fast as possible!

Full Vortex Glove user guide and resources here

Finger wires lengths will be matched to your glove size: Large, Medium, or Small. Check the add-on boxes only if you'd like to purchase an additional set of wires as backups.


The Vortex gloves are a brand new kind of gloving technology. They have a long list of first-time-ever gloving features as well as a host of quality-of-life features to help bring gloving technology up to speed with modern electronics!

The most notable of these new features is the modular wires. Lovingly dubbed the first "Tethered Gloveset," instead of having 10 independent microlights there are 2 individual Vortex Packs. Each pack manages all 10 of the LEDs on one hand (20 LEDs total) as well as the rechargeable battery system and any modular expansions you may have attached. 

5 wires are connected to each hand (one for each finger) and can easily be detached at either end and replaced when they are worn out. Coincidentally, this also allows for research and development to continually improve the durability and strength of wires over time while maintaining compatibility! This ensures tool-free repairs anywhere you go! Additionally, the modular system allows for future plug-and-play accessories such as alternate LED tips, button extensions for easier clicking, additional LEDs expansions like multi-LED palm-lights, or even the ability to replace broken LEDs (although unlikely). This means you can keep your set in tip-top shape with low-cost repairs and fantastic upgrades! 

Some of the great features you can expect from the Vortex Gloves:

-10 LEDs per hand: 2 independent "pixels" per finger, 20 LEDs total.

-Modular design makes every part low-cost and easily replaceable or upgradeable.

-Open-Source software means that you can expect community mods, assistive software, and free updates as the project gains contributors of all kinds over time.

-Rechargeable batteries mean you'll never need disposable batteries again. This saves you significant costs long-term while maintaining vibrant colors that don't dim or yellow with low charge.

-Completely new pattern varieties. By having 2 LEDs per finger and with all of the LEDs being able to work collaboratively through one microcontroller, there are infinite new possibilities for patterns!

-Ultra-Low profile LED "tips" are significantly smaller than any chip ever created before by moving all other components to the Vortex pack.

-IR mode sharing lets you save time and effort by wirelessly copying individual modes from one hand to the other or trading modes with friends or with other StoneOrbits products.

-Customize settings with one button programming that is akin to traditional microlights but with the added benefit of using all the LEDs together as a display. Programming is highly intuitive and optimized for low click counts while giving an unparalleled level of control and tons of options!

-Drag and drop updates and backups! You can update your gloves with the latest features while they're connected to a computer or save your favorite sets by storing them on your computer or even share them on the internet over social media! 

Noteworthy Numbers!

-14 Mode slots

-8 Color slots per mode

-144 Color options (not counting white or blank)

-41 Flashing Patterns (so far)

-4 Global brightness options

-4+ hour run time

-40 min charge time

Through this awesome new product, I hope we can start a new chapter in gloving technology and keep pushing what's possible to the limits! The best part is, this is only the beginning! There are so many more possibilities to explore and I can't wait to unlock them with all of you! As always, thank you all for your support and excitement! It allows me to continue following my dreams and keep bringing you fantastic new products and experiences! Press on!

 -Shane "Stone" Aronson



- 1x Left-hand module (with sleeve protector)

- 1x Right-hand module (with sleeve protector)

- 10x 2-pixel Light Tips (with 10 finger grip casings)

- 10x modular wire connectors

- 1 Pair of YGM white gloves

 Full user guide and resources here

Saftey Warning

Always take note of your surroundings and clear the area around you before playing with your StoneOrbits products! Do not swing directly toward people or animals! Please practice in safe spaces and remember to be careful! Avoid going too fast as high-speed mistakes can be very painful and lead to injury. 

Warantee & Returns

All StoneOrbits Led products come with a "soft" warranty. All repairs are free, but in extreem cases if this repair policy is being abused, repairs will be at the expense of the owner of the product. This generally can cost between $10-$25 depending on the specific damage.

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