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 Gen2 build:

All features functional  

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 Gen1 build:

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How to Update your Vortex

Vortex v1.0 "Obsidian"

Source code:

Update notes:

  • New Features:
    •  Auto-Randomizer
    •  Auto-Random:Speed select
    •  Global Brightness
    •  Restore Default modes
    •  Remastered patterns
  • Bug fixes:
    • Randomizer Blanks:
      •  the randomizer now correctly adds 0, 1, or 2 blanks throughout a color set instead of only 0 or 2 blanks always at the end.
    • Randomizer Color sets:
      •   The randomize option frequencies have been adjusted for more varried results.
    • Random exclusions:
      •   The randomizer can no longer create results that leave entire sections of LEDs always blank.
    • Pattern handling:
      •   All patterns have been adjusted to have a more consistent level of brightness. No more empty or dark looking modes unless using several blank spaces.
    • Various quality of life fixes:
      •   Prevented variables from sometimes going out of bounds causing crashes.
      •   Reorganized and rewrote various sections of code for clarity and ease of use.

Blank Vortex Custom Template: