Omega Handle Guides

Video Programming Guide

  • This video walks through all the settings you can adjust on your Omega Handle

Quick Reference Omega Handle Guide

User Guide 
Power on with the mechanical switch. If you get lost or want to start over, power off and on again with the switch.
Short Press Next option/slot
Medium Press Confirm and Exit
Long Press/Hold Open menus

  1. Hold the button to enter various menus, the longer you hold the deeper into the menu list you go. 
  2. While holding, the LEDs will fill with a color one by one to indicate a menu.
  3. Release while the menu color is displayed to select that menu. 
This is the menu reference guide:
  • Automatically starts the auto-randomizer.
  • It will re-randomize every few seconds.
  • Press the button to save and exit.
Color Select Menu
  • Select a color to generate a color set with that color included.
  • Medium press the button to save the colorset and exit the menu.
Pattern Select Menu
  • The full list of available patterns.
  • Medium press the button to save the current pattern and exit the menu.
Global Brightness Menu
  • Select one of 4 global brightness settings.
  • This affects all mode slots at once.
  • Saved Colors are independant of global brighness.
  • Medium press the button to save and exit the menu.
Factory Reset
  • Restores all modes to factory settings
  • These are the same settings you get out of the box!
  • Medium press the button on red to factory reset.
  • Mediuim press the button on white to cancle and exit.
Mode Sharing Menu
  • Send or Receive modes on this mode slot.
  • Rapid flashing is Send.
  • Slow blink is Receive.
  • Medium press exits this menu.

How to String your Omgeas

How to Update the Omega Handles

  1. Plug the Omega Handle into your computer.
  2. Double click the reset button.
  3. Drag and drop this firmware onto the flash drive that opens. 

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