How to Program the Vortex Gloves Written Guide

User Guide 
Power on with the mechanical switch. If you get lost or want to start over, power off and on again with the switch.
Short Press Next option/slot
Long Press Open menus, or confirm selection.
  1. Hold the button to enter the menu list.
  2. Once the LEDs start filling with white, release the button.
  3. Short press to go to the next menu color.
  4. Long press a menu color to select that menu. 
This is the menu reference guide:
  • Short press to re-randomize.
  • Long Press button to save and exit the menu.
Color Select Menu
  • Each finger represents a single color slot.
  • Short press to go to the next slot.
  • Long press to select a slot.
  • After selecting a slot, select the desired hue.
  • Next select the desired saturations.
  • Last select the desired brightness.
  • Hold the button on a color slot and release while its glowing red to delete that color.
  • Long press the button on the thumb to exit the menu.
Pattern Select Menu
  • Select from several lists of available patterns.
  • Short press to go to the next list.
  • Long press the button to enter a list.
  • Long press the button to save the current pattern and exit the menu.
Global Brightness Menu
  • Select one of 4 global brightness settings.
  • Short press to target the next option.
  • Long press to save and exit the menu.
Factory Reset
  • Hold the button while targeting the fingers until the countdown completes to restore all modes to factory settings. 
  • Long press while targeting the thumb to cancel and exit the menu.
Mode Sharing Menu
  • Click to toggle between sending and receiving.
  • While showing teal the mode slot is sending.
  • While showing purple the mode slot is Receiveing.
  • Long press to exit the menu.

Vortex Editor Menu


  • Entering this menu allows you to connect to the Vortex Editor program.
  • Short press to restart the connection, this can help recover the device if it enters an unexpected state.
  • Long press to exit the menu.