Vortex Editor (Dev Page)

The Vortex Editor is a tool designed to give adanced control over the Vortex gloves. 

 For PC For Gloves

Vortex Editor v1.0

Vortex Engine v1.0(Beta)



  • Randomize single pattern now gives a unique result per each pixel when multiple are selected
  • Up and Down have been added to handle mode reordering
  • Mode sharing now shares continuously/automatically when showing teal in the mode sharing menu. (the button cannot be checked while sending so is sometimes unresponsive)
  • Unlimited Undos/Redos have been added with their keybinds crtl+z/y.
  • Refreshing is now automatic, you shouldn't need to press the refresh button ever.
  • Copy and paste leds.
  • several classic hotkeys like ctrl + c and ctrl + v.
  • Naming Saves and Exports now correctly adds the file extension
  • Various bug fixes.
Conntect to device
  • Select your device from a list of available ports.
  • Refresh the list.
  • Connect to currently selected port.
Manage Saves

To/From Device (only while connected)

  • Pull save from the device and display it in the editor.
  • Push the editor's current content to the overwrite device's save.
  • To/From Computer

  • Load a .vortex file and display its modes.
  • Save the editor's current content to a .vortex save file.
  • Single Mode

  • Import a single mode from the computer to the editor.
  • Export a single mode to the computer as a .vtxmode file. 
  • Instructions
    1. Start up the editor, plug in the glove, and turn the glove on (in any order).
    2. From the glove hold the button to enter the new Purple Menu. The Leds should turn solid grey.
    3. In the editor click Connect. The Leds should blink bright blue.
    4. Click Pull to load the save from the glove, or Add a new mode. From here on your glove will real-time show your changes, but they are not saved until you click Push. Clicking the button on the gloves will reset the gloves to step 3. Clicking Connect should re-connect you.
    If you get stuck, try clicking the button on the gloveset and/or restarting the editor. If all else fails, reseting the glove with the reset button or unplugging them and powering off and on again will fix it.


    Feedback for new/existing Features:
    You can ask for anything and we can look into it lol.
    Feedback regarding Bugs:
    Bugs need to be reproducible without extraordinary steps. If the bug is not reproducible reliably but is still notable, please report it.