Extra Vortex Casing

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Already own the Vortex? Purchase a new casing by itself which you can swap with your current Vortex casing!

 Update for custom cases: Custom cases are very time-consuming and resource-intensive and I am unfortunately unable to donate my time, materials, and printer's availability as much as I once was able to! In some ways, this is fantastic news because it means I'm busy making lots of amazing products for lots of new customers! But sadly, this also means I can no longer list products that cause delays and create long lines in my shop! I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, but if you are still looking to get a custom Vortex and don't mind waiting, please reach out to me at to discuss your custom idea or consider buying the fully custom Vortex bundle! I will not always be able to accept custom orders, but I'm always happy to discuss your custom ideas and I would love to make these wonderful ideas come to life whenever I'm available! Please be aware that all custom Vortex cases will start at $125!